Friday, May 08, 2009

spring and our sprouts

I can't ever remember a more stereotypical Spring since I've been living here. First the snowdrops, then the daffodils, now the lily of the valley ( amazing these make our garden smell!). The days are sunny, then drizzly, then sunny again, then breezy...everything is budding and sprouting. We had such a long winter this year, Spring really does come just when you need it most, doesn't it? At least in this part of the world. I am a sun-lover at heart, but living with four distinct seasons has taught me so much more than I could ever express in words.

Anyhoo, Easter was especially nice this year. The Easter bunny brought lovely things and was kind enough to hide some eggs in the garden for big brother to find...

His Easter basket has since been repurposed into a toy basket for little brother.

Other things making us happy these days:

A beautiful felt ball for a special baby boy...

A raised bed we've created in a previously unused corner of our yard...with old stones we found buried. In this bed we've planted peas, beets, sunflowers, arugula, and red/green pepper for now.
We've also started a much larger veg garden which will likely be a whole post unto itself. Big brother has his own bed, with special attention to companion planting...veggies, herbs, flowers and strawberries...let's call it "science" for homeschooling purposes, OK? :-)

A little shepherd boy tending his lambs. I just love the imagery of this for some just can't stop me from gravitating to all things shepherd-like now that I am a mama of little boys. I want my boys to tend sheep?

Big brother has also started his tennis he is with his instructor. He really loves it so far, and he's been practicing at home in the garden, too. Lots of balls getting stuck in the hedge!

My tiniest boy, relaxing in a swing. It was his first time swinging, and he smiled the *entire* time with the most magical smile...just not for the camera...of course.

It's so nice to be outside all the time now! Lots of garden work (ominous patches of stinging nettles taking over!), lots of sprouting and planting of seeds. Watching everything begin to thrive and grow and change...including our boys.

What's going on where you are? What interesting things are sprouting up?