Monday, November 23, 2009

outside with little bro

A birthday

Dear sweet big brother,

Seven years ago you opened your eyes to the world, and I became a mother. Have I ever properly thanked you for choosing me? :-) We so wanted your 7th birthday to be special. We wanted you to have a perfect day, surrounded by friends and fun.

So we set your presents out on the table next to your birthday ring so they'd be right there to greet you in the morning...

We invited your best buddies...7 kids in all if you count your baby brother (which you did, sweet)

I baked you a "gnome mountain cake" per your request. I modeled the gnomes out of marzipan and found little mushroom candles to match. This cake was a huge hit and so many of you had seconds that there were no leftovers!

You got so many nice presents. Like the one you're wearing! It was made with love by a friend and since it was the very first thing you opened, you decided to put it on right away.

And here I am with your little brother. The only photo of me from your birthday party...looking tired and satisfied. So glad you had a wonderful day, so proud to be your mama, and so in awe that we've been around the sun 7 times together already!

It's been a joy. Happy Birthday, Alex.


Sunday, November 01, 2009


Our little garden gnome.

Fall is both my favorite and also our busiest time of year. So many family birthdays, holidays, events, etc...weekend after weekend full with no sign of letting up until after Christmas. It's all so wonderful and so FAST. Slow down, Fall, so I can enjoy you a bit more!

We had a Halloween party! Can you spot my little Robin Hood?

Ahhhh, now this might just be one of the best things about this time of year for big brother.

More than usual farm visits for us right now, too. For pumpkins, apples, pears, Süssmost, etc...

What? Aren't farmhouses decorated with onion garlands everywhere in the world?

All is well in our cozy little part of the Alpine world. Busy and wonderful. Now that the Halloween party is behind us we have to concentrate on big brother's birthday party next weekend! Two weeks after that we're off to Vienna again, this time for 10 days. A good place to kick of the Advent festivities for sure.

Hope you're all well! We're thinking of you as the air gets colder and the beautiful colored leaves start to be blown away by gusty winds...