Thursday, August 09, 2007

St. Petersinsel

It all began Ligerz...tiny winemaking village on the Lake of Bienne, about 10 minutes from our home. We decided to take a boat to the lovely St. Peters Island and we thought getting on in Ligerz would be nice, so we could also explore the village a bit more.

Here is the view of Ligerz from the boat, with it's famous little church and it's sloping vineyards.

It seems we weren't the only family to think the island would make a nice Sunday was packed! * Luckily, we managed to find a cozy spot on a sandy little beach where we could watch the boats come and go and relax in the shade. A certain little blond-haired someone was very into the sand indeed.

We relaxed, we hiked through the forest, we had mineral water at the former monastery on the island (where Rousseau apparently did some of his best thinking and writing) and then we took the boat back again. Really, really nice.

*Here is where I spare you the "Switzerland-has-one-of-the-highest-population-densities-in-the-universe-whoa-is-me"
rant. :-) You're welcome.

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