Monday, October 22, 2007

fall days

We're still taking our frequent walks through the forest near our home. It's really starting to get cold, so now we have to bundle up...but it's so beautiful at this time of year. It's my favorite!

The little one got a pair of binoculars and a bird whistle for summoning larks, so we've been doing a fair amount of birdwatching lately.

Not sure we found actual larks, but plenty of other local birds. With the leaves falling off the trees they become much easier to spot. These things were an early birthday gift from his Götti, and we love them so much.

And for a rather Waldorf-inspired task, we collected a large bag of leaves and he put them into piles by species. To keep it all very simple and magical, we don't yet get into the names of the various trees etc., just colors, shapes, textures and perhaps even a few used to fashion a "leaf man" or two with beady little acorn eyes.

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th3ph17 said...

i'm a big fan of binoculars as well, have at least 3 pair.