Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our new arrival...

(I can't believe I'm posting this photo of myself!) :-)

So I'm not yet talking about the belly arrival, but the little blue one on my neck! We went to the playground today in a neighboring town...and as we sat innocently at a table, a little blue parakeet landed near us. I reached out for it and it was tame! So what else could we do besides bring it home? Of course, such things must happen on a Sunday (Murphy's law?) when every shop in the entire country is closed. And of course we are not well equipped for bird ownership, so as I type, this bird has free reign in the living room.

Anyway, the photo is also of me...beached on my comfy chair...and 9 months pregnant! Taking it easy while I have the chance. :-)


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Hey, you need to send me your phone number again :) We need to have a chat! You look great!