Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here is our little star at 6-7 weeks old on his wingbo. It's a sort of swing that the babies propel by themselves with their legs. It's great because it gets them off of their backs and gives them a little workout. Look how well he can lift his head! :-)

Not much excitement over here. Just the usual post-baby routine. We did make some progress renovating the kitchen at the new/old house. We move in two weeks! It also looks like we'll be spending 3 work-related weeks in Vienna in November/December. More Germanic world.

Anyone want to tell me about their glamorous lives? Any music to recommend? Movies? I feel completely cut off. Save me.


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Fyreflie1980 said...

Hmmm....haven't seen anything good lately either!
I've been enjoying Bedouin Soundclash....mellow and fun!

Also A Fine Frenzy
And Kathleen Edwards.

Beautiful baby! Do they have those little fun swings in Canada, ya think?