Sunday, November 30, 2008


A bit too hazy for beautiful photographs, but there you have it...the Innere Stadt of Vienna.

There isn't much of a Thanksgiving to be had in this part of the world, and I haven't made much of an effort over the years to organize one, but I do try to make a list each year of what I'm thankful for.

-I'm thankful for my family...for my loving husband and my precious children...who make me feel like I've won the lottery every single day.

-I'm thankful to be living in a beautiful, safe country...which keeps me on my toes, always learning, always growing and stretching in ways that are fundamentally important to me.

-I'm thankful to be able to travel the world and get to "hang out" in places like Vienna. :-)

-I'm thankful to be surrounded by different languages and cultures (even when they frustrate me!), and that my children are growing up bilingual and binational.

-I'm thankful for YOU, my friends! hehe

This life I have is exceptional, and I almost never forget it. It also comes with certain costs, which I also never forget. I am so, so lucky to be where I am, and with who I'm with.

And you know what? I don't need a turkey to remind me. :-)

Monday, November 24, 2008


GrĂ¼ss Gott!

Our first time traveling as a family of four, and so far so good. Little brother had a frantic 5 minutes on the plane yesterday, but overall it went very smoothly. Our apartment (above) is right in the center, and much, much nicer than these blurry photos suggest. It's the perfect mix of funkiness and grandeur...and very high tech. We feel spoiled.

We're here for 3 weeks. Photos of this beautiful European metropolis to come...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

six! and sick

Such a bummer to be sick on your birthday...but it is November after all. We had to cancel a kid party, but we still had a few loved ones around and there was still cake and presents. And my baby is SIX!!!