Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring! and the end of our Winterschlaf

In German, the word for hibernation is "Winterschlaf" or winter sleep. I have always felt like that word more closely describes how I feel in winter. Things get pretty quiet around here and the world outside of our cozy, warm house does indeed seem to be asleep. Anyway, no more...as the sun has returned, the days are warmer, the daffodils and tulips are coming and things feel very much awake!

The boys and I are venturing out quite a bit more these days, too...lots of day trips. In the photo above, we are visiting a butterfly garden. The cold days aren't entirely behind us, but we feel the new energy of this awakening season and we are inspired by all the changes taking place around us. I am also motivated to do a big spring cleaning, but there is so much to do! Better get to it before our much needed family vacation next month. It's such a great feeling to come back to a fresh, orderly home!

wishing you a Happy Spring from the Alps! xoxo

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