Monday, November 06, 2006

birthday party---sort of!

Well, it wasn't exactly what we had planned. Alex ended up with a nasty cold (worst one ever) and he slept the entire day on before his party. We cancelled and felt sad, but alas, what could we do? Sunday morning, he hops out of bed after this 24 hour sleep-a-thon feeling like a new child and asking when the festivities would begin. Er, a bit of improvising, a few phone calls, we got Aunt Nelly and Grandmaman (90 years old!) and Alex's grandma to come. The others were either sick themselves or afraid of catching whatever the birthday boy had. I managed to whip up a vegan chocolate cake, surprisingly delicious. Would have been better (and less *flat*) had I not dropped the pan on the counter, dividing it in two...oops. But all went well in the end! Here's Alex with Aunt Nelly...reiki healer and life coach.

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