Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Market

The Swiss really do know how to do Christmas. All the towns and villages are decorated and lit up, there are chestnuts roasting on the side of the road (Heissi Marroni), there is mulled wine being sipped (Glühwein). Traditional cookies are being shared...sugar cookies (Mailanderli), anise cookies (Aniskräbbeli), and my favorite cinnamon stars (Zimtsternli-which, incidentally, I have found a delicious raw recipe for!). The streets are lined with market stalls selling all sorts of stuff, from toasted hemp seeds to blown glass ornaments. It's been very warm up to now, so we're not expecting a white christmas. But you never know!

Alex can't wait to get his hands in some snow (which he says is his favorite, is this really my kid?). He got some new snow pants all we have to do is wait! In the meantime we'll be enjoying the tastes and smells of the season, in the unique and wonderful way that only the Germanic world knows how. Ahhh.

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