Sunday, December 24, 2006


The Grittibänz is traditional in Switzerland, and makes an appearance somewhere around the beginning of December. It is a soft, buttery dough in the shape of a cheeky little man with raisin eyes. A poem in his honor:

Chliini, grossi Grittibänz
u si hei es feisses Ränzli.
Siebe süessi Jaggechnöpfli,
dicki Arme, rundi Chöpfli,
chnuschper-bachni Hosebei .
E Grittibänz für mi elei.

in other words:
Little, big Grittibänz
they have a fat stomach
Seven sweet jacket buttons
chubby arms, a round little head
crispy baked trouser legs
a Grittibänz all for myself.

and for any prospective linguists, and to illustrate the point that Swiss German is really nothing like it's Germany-German high-German the first two lines would read:

Kleine, grosse Grittibänz
Sie haben einen dicken Bauch

need I say more? Anyway, tonight is Christmas eve. We are spending it at home, just the 3 of us. We're thinking of you all! Merry Christmas Eve! I hope Santa brings you what you wished for...

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th3ph17 said...

it looks tasty, and not just because i've mostly had soup for a week.