Thursday, July 05, 2007

No. 3: Architecture (Swiss Top 10)

The medieval charms of Europe are pretty much's what draws most of us North Americans to the continent in the first place. Switzerland is certainly no exception, with plenty of red-tiled rooftops, old houses huddled together inside protective city walls, pedestrian squares...usually home to the bi-weekly market which has been taking place for a thousand years or more. The photos above were taken on some of our weekend day trips within the last 3 weeks. They are of 3 different villages in 3 very different regions (different languages included!). Our recent trip to California really helped to drive home just how eternally charming the architecture here is...and how lucky we are to be able to feast our eyes on it every single day. :-)

The 3 villages: (Murten, Auvernier, St Ursanne) (only in French)

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