Sunday, July 22, 2007

No. 5: Proximity (Swiss Top Ten)

Switzerland is in the middle of it's close to everything. Yesterday, we took a day trip to Freiburg, Germany (photos above) and it took us about an hour an a half by car. Some other day trip or long weekend possibilities:

Paris 3 hrs (by train)
Milan 3 hrs (train)
Munich 4 hours (by car)
Lyon 3 hrs (car)
Marseille 5.5 hours (train)
Berlin 1 hr 15 min (plane)
Barcelona 1.5 hrs (plane)
Amsterdam 1.5 hrs (plane)
Prague 1 hr 20 min (plane)
Genoa 4 hours (car)

You see? And with the increased popularity of cheap airlines like Easyjet...flying has actually become cheaper than going by train much of the time. Lucky me! So many potential little time! If you fail to see the wonder in all of this, please consider that some of you might be lucky to hit Bakersfield in the amount of time it would take me to leave my home in Switzerland and be sipping a cafe au lait on a terrace overlooking Marseille's sunny harbor or order a Hefeweizenbier at Oktoberfest in Munich! Do I do these things as often as I But I can. If I want. And I will...eventually. :-)

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Grandpa Ed said...

I'm sooooooo jealous! What a great place to live. Love you all!