Monday, December 01, 2008

A day in the life...Vienna

Wake up to my cell phone alarm around 6:45*, restless baby nuzzling me, and big brother making various noises from his bed on the other side of the room. Papi gets up to shower, I fall back asleep. For about 2 minutes. And then there is 6 year old pitter patter and much more nuzzling. I get up. Change a diaper. Collapse on designer (read: uncomfortable but attractive) sofa feeling very, uh, groggy. Why is that? Oh, yes. There was much nuzzling throughout the night. Little brother must have been processing the sensory overload that was the evening before. So. Coffee. Papi has made some. Bless him. Boys eat. Little brother is already tired that makes two of us.

I remember that the Putzfrau is coming to clean the apartment today. At 9am. 9am...that's like, soon. I do some tidying, as I don't want the Putzfrau to think we are...untidy?...and then I get big brother ready to go I am not really comfortable with people cleaning up our mess while I sit and watch. Can't imagine why? Running out of time! Skip the shower. Dressed. Wrap 2 meters of fabric around me and insert baby. Out the door, 2 minutes to 9. Oops, forgot to eat breakfast. Walked all.around.Vienna. Ended up breakfasting at Starbucks...shame! In the land of Kaffeehäuser and Bäckerei? Really. Baby isn't napping. Why isn't he napping? Walk the other way around Vienna. Baby has missed his nap!** Now lunchtime is upon us. Get lunch and dinner ingredients at local supermarket. Feel like a pack mule. Walk up the stairs back up to the apartment, open the door, and...

it hasn't been cleaned.


Make a call. The apartment manager didn't want to "disturb me" so early in the morning. Er...uh...but...

I explained. I complained. I appealed.

And then I rescheduled for tomorrow.

When we will repeat the whole scenario once again...only this time, hopefully, including a shower.


And there you have it. The trials of a trailing spouse. Unplugged.***

*Because our clock is radio controlled and seems to only be loyal to Swiss radio signals.
**He then went on to sleep the ENTIRE afternoon and evening, which will make bedtime tonight interesting. I'm guessing...plenty of nuzzling? And restlessness?
***With the underlying moral of the story much easier it would be to not have a cleaning lady. Ah, the irony.


Fyreflie1980 said...

Hello, you wonderful stretching human being! How are you doing, and what are you doing in Vienna?
Hope you got my email a while ago, and that your little family continues to thrive and grow.

I'm wonderful, and also stretching and growing, and I have free long distance to most landlines in the world now, so if you happen to have such a landline, please send the number! I will call :D

Shannon said...

I just discovered your beautiful blog today! I love the word "putzfrau" and always thought tidying up before the cleaning lady comes was an American phenomenon! Glad to know women world-wide do this! Anyway, lovely blog am looking forward to more of your posts!