Sunday, March 08, 2009

February photos

Straight to the highlight of every February...Fasnacht! (or Carnival if you prefer). As usual, we participated in the child's parade, which took place in our beautiful old town.

Here's big brother. We decided to get as much mileage as possible out of this dino costume. It won't fit next year, though. Check out the confetti on the street!

We threw plenty of confetti ourselves. Mostly at each other. :-)

I don't know this person...just one of many cool costumes.

On to other February news, little brother is now eating solid food. His favorite is far.

And you just can't stop him from being on his stomach. He sort of rocks back and forth all the time, too. I think I see crawling in our near future.

Big brother is doing well...lots of learning to ski this winter, as well as sledding of course. Here he is with his beloved Mr. Caterpillar scarf, knit especially for him by Gigi's loving hands. :-)

I'll try to post more, I promise. I'm slowly coming out of my usual winter hibernation!

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Marina said...

What a beautiful town you live in! Love the dino costume and photos of your lil one on his tummy!

What a fun life you lead, our boys have yet to see snow!