Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy 1st of April post

Oh time flies! I do plan to post more, I promise. Soon there will be good reason to do so...with all the cool projects and discoveries that will be part of our home educating next "school year". That's right, we've officially decided to go school free after this year of Waldorf kindergarten is finished. Partly because we will be moving abroad...who knows 2011 and it just doesn't seem right to put big brother through the whole process of integrating into a class just to rip him out again shortly after. Also, we love everything about the idea of having the world as our classroom! Can you imagine the possibilities? They are endless. It's practically magical. :-)

Anyway, our little global learner is way into all things space at the moment...the sun, moon, planets, and stars. The sky is the limit. We have a very planetary walkway now, thanks to today's chalking session.

Other things making us happy right now...Hansel and Gretel! We *love* this tale right now, it's the perfect mix of kid power and the stuff daydreams are made of with plenty of the twisted, dark bits that make it so enticing to children at this stage of life (and their nostalgic mamas!). We found this wonderful Ostheimer cottage (which is discontinued...but one that I've been longing for for ages!) at an amazing little natural toy store in Vienna (they just happened to still have one tucked away in a dusty corner). I am so spoiled by the Universe! We snapped it up, brought it home and then witchy woman and her cat moved in shortly after...doing their best to lure in unsuspecting little Hansel and Gretel. This makes for hours of play around here. Er, but sometimes the odd dinosaur gets involved in the story, too...hehe And you thought the Grimm's stories are gory!

And lastly for today my precious little angel boy is 8 months old!!! Where oh where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I had a tiny, sleeping newborn snuggled up into the crook of my neck and now this powerhouse of movement and funny screeches who won't sit still for a single's a wonder, let me assure you. I am enjoying every single minute that I spend with my guys, and we are all especially silly and giddy right now because Spring is undeniably upon us and we are bursting right along with all the new energy that comes with it.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world, too!

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Marina said...

Happy Spring!

I had to giggle as my son has the same striped T-Rex tshirt :). How wonderful and exciting your homeschooling adventure will be! I can't wait to see photos and read about it.

Your younger son, is just way too adorable!