Thursday, June 18, 2009


We live here.

Can you believe that?

This photo is taken near the cafe at one of our favorite city parks, where we've been spending quite a bit of time these days. I mean, just look at this place.

And you? What's the view of your town?

Big brother had a marvelous time at a dear friend's birthday party. Here he is swinging at the pink octopus pinata.

Little brother is changing every single day it seems. Right now he very much loves to rock in his little snail. :-)

Have I ever posted a photo of our home from the front/street? Here it is. June has been met with lots of home repairs. Oy. Old houses!

The boys play so well together despite their age gap. They especially love to play under the beautiful playstands....when they're not outside in the garden that is!

Lots going on here and nothing at the same time, ya know? Big brother has a nice little garden plot going, I'll take photos and tell you about that soon. We also got our official permission to homeschool! Which luckily lasts for 2 years so we won't have to go through the process again before we leave the country. Only 2 more weeks of Kindergarten before summer holidays. I have mixed feelings. His German is now quite good and we seem to really be at a big turning point with it. We could use a couple more months! We'll just have to hope that between play dates and tennis and singing (Kinderchor) he will be using it enough to keep it up. Trying to stay optimistic!

That's it for now. Hope you are all well! Thinking of you....


Marina said...

What an amazing, beautiful city you live in! I keep meaning to take a photo of Cafe Gratitude for you, but it seems so measly in comparison to the loveliness where you reside.

Those playstands are gorgeous- if you don't mind me asking, who makes them?

Congratulations on homeschooling, are you using a specific curriculum? I play with the idea of schooling my boys and love to hear how others do it.

Happy Summer!

calynde said...

Hi Marina,

The playstands are by Holzkram in Germany. I love the rounded form!

We have many different Waldorf resources for homeschooling. I'm trying to write my own curriculum, drawing from several sources. We'll see how it goes!

Where you are may be less beautiful in some ways, but it's way *cooler* if you know what I mean. ;-) And that counts for a LOT!