Friday, July 03, 2009

our garden

Big brother's garden patch as of yesterday.

space to play!

watering it is his favorite part by far!

our terrace pots



the day's small harvest.

we could do so much more, but we're taking it easy this year since we have a babe in arms. I feel so lucky to have our very own beautiful outside space, which isn't something very many have in this crowded, mountainous land.

I'd like to see yours, too!


th3ph17 said...

i wish our garden was doing as well. the 100+ weather has not been kind.

Fyreflie1980 said...

Sweetie, your boys are huge and beautiful and I can't wait to meet them! Our trip in September is almost a 100% reality, just waiting for the official word from work about my vacation time and then we'll book our tickets. We'll be in der Schweiz sometime around the 1st week of October (we don't have a plan yet, and may never have one!) and I am planning on seeing you come hell or high water!

Marina said...

Such a beautiful, lush space you have! I'd share photos of ours, but between the heat and the fallout from overproductive plum trees- it's far from photogenic.

My boys love watering too :)