Thursday, September 24, 2009

my hearts

Little brother walks around pushing this wagon *constantly* right now. A few weeks ago he started standing up without holding anything, and about a week ago he started taking a few steps! He always beams with pride when he does it and we're all clapping and getting excited along with him. It's the cutest phase ever!

Big brother recently had his last day of tennis for the season (that's him on the left). He thinks he'd like to try it again in the Spring when it starts back up again. We're trying out a few different ideas for a winter activity. He's looking into Turnen (which is like tumbling/gymnastics), yoga, and tap dancing (Steptanz). :-) haha


Crawling through the tunnel...again and happy.

Besides little brother learning to walk (!) we're just gearing up for Fall. We've potted our fall plants, said goodbye to most of our veggie garden, started up with the whirlwind of home/unschooling activities. I love this time of year. I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures!

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