Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No. 7 The four seasons (Swiss Top Ten)





I will finish this Swiss Top Ten series if it's the last thing I do!! hehe

In short, I have come to love the four seasons as experienced here. It is absolutely amazing to see things transform before your eyes, to feel and smell it in the air. Oh, and to experience it with small children!!! The first snow! The first purple crocuses popping up in the garden. The endless piles of leaves.

I know we had seasons in California, too...but believe me when I say it was nothing at all like this. I remain a true blue sunshine girl at heart, but I need my four seasons now!! If only all that winter magic didn't last *quite* as long. hmmm.

(All the photos above are of our garden as seen out of our living room window.)

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th3ph17 said...

you don't have an everything hot, brown and dead season? :-)