Monday, May 10, 2010


We just got back from our trip to Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian). We stayed on the southern coast, and the flight from here was only 1 hour and 25 minutes. The beaches are truly stunning, and we were soooooo happy to be soaking up all that seaside beauty. The boys loved the wide open spaces and all of that sand to play with!

The weather wasn't perfect, but it was much sunnier and warmer than back home in Switzerland, where it was apparently COLD and raining cats and dogs most of the week.

Sardinia is known for the clear, turquoise water. Beautiful to look at, but I didn't dare go in that cold water.

Little brother was acting like he had been on a beach every day of his life, although it was his first time. He loved it...especially making sand cakes and kicking sand up in the air.

and big brother ran and ran and ran. Off season has benefits, mainly that we had entire beaches to ourselves. Wide open spaces is not something we have a lot of in Switzerland.

We stayed in a small, traditional town. It wasn't a beautiful town, but very typical of the region and the locals were extremely friendly...they absolutely adore children! I was disappointed in the food. Everyone talks about the food in Italy being so amazing, and I guess if you find pasta and pizza amazing, it probably is. We ate out a lot and it was nearly impossible to get fresh, live food. No salads! There was a nice farmer's market in town, though, and we were able to stock up on gorgeous fruit.

Basically, this was meant as a beach holiday and that's what we did every day. For that, Sardinia is just right. :-)

Very happy to be home now, too! xo

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Sara said...

It looks really fantastic there! So, so pretty!!! I'm glad to hear you guys had a great time!