Sunday, June 06, 2010


.:Poor blog, it needs a nice, colorful rainbow to cheer it up after being neglected for so long. xo:.

Let's see. Besides having a chatty, messy toddler underfoot and a 7 year old with a constant stream of big, impossible-to-answer questions, and a large garden which is losing the battle against slugs and weeds, and a husband who was recently sent to a conference all the way in Qatar, and endless heaps of crunchy, air-dried laundry, and a major homeschooling identity crisis...besides all that...everything is just great. :-)

We've made some big changes around here lately and everyone is feeling re-inspired! First, we overhauled our homeschooling priorities. Basically, we had lost track of what was really important to us (mainly due to time/toddler constraints) and started to only do the bare bones stuff. The magic that we started out with and which is the entire reason we even chose this path was completely starting to fade. So we rearranged things and had lots of talks and for the past few weeks we have all been so much happier! yay! We're back to lots of beautiful arts and crafts, enchanting stories, and soulful activities galore. I am so very grateful to have this beautiful life here with my children. It feels like a true luxury to be able to surround them with so much beauty and goodness. My whole heart and soul are in this mama-gig, for sure.

Our family time on the weekends has also started to take on a new rhythm which is now a nice, balanced mix of fun and productivity...ensuring that we're all feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead. One really does have to be organized with little children around or else things can get chaotic surprisingly fast!

Not much excitement recently, our days are pretty quiet and rhythmic. We're outside all the time now and we're all feeling much healthier for it. Being in Sardinia made me especially thankful for all the comforts and blessings that come with life in Switzerland. I am so hopelessly attached to my organic fresh food, our amazing health care system, our public transportation, our clean, orderly neighborhoods. My goodness, it's an abundant life we lead.

More photos soon. xo

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